Pariyur Kondathu Kaliamman Temple is dedicated to Kali, the alterego of Parvathi. 
 Parvathi is the simplest form of Sakthi and the consort of Shiva. Kali is the aggresive form of
 Parvathi. In Kongunadu, one can find Kali temples along with Shiva and Vishnu temples in the 
 vicinity. This conglomeration in Kongunadu is a great example of its unity of divided Hinduism 
 sects of Saivam, Vaishnavam and Saktham. Pariyur-amman temple is located in the midst of 
 ever rolling green carpet fields. This beautiful location and the unending peace should be 
 experienced than explained. 

 Pariyur Temple
 The existing temple was built around mid 50's of the 20th century. Hearsay reports cannot 
 confirm the presence of a better temple in the immediate past. However, the numerous stone 
 carved pillars and the fantastic art work cannot be ignored. The main Lion mount opposite the 
 Goddess has a swirling stone ball in its mouth which cannot be taken out. How did it go in then?
 This is one of the better proof of the art work. 

 The temple is located on a South to North axis with the Goddess facing North. Rajagopuram lies
 at the South corner. On entering through the Rajagopuram, one would reach the Maha Ganapathy
 Saptha Kannigai and Pon Kaliamman temples. Next to these Devasthaanams is Kanavaala 
 Ganathy. This Ganapathy is installed and maintained by the Kanavaala community people of 
 Pudupalayam. Maha Muniappan is located on the North West corner of the temple. 

 The Maha Kundam, which is the remains of the Kundam festival where people walk on fire, leads
 to the entrace of Mahamandapam. The Lion mount faces the goddess and Neeli and Sooli 
 guarding the entrace. The Goddess, though the aggressive form of Kali, has a very peaceful look. 
 Hearsay reports suggest that a Chakra has been installed for pacifying the Goddess. The 
 Parivara Sakthi's dot the black polished granite Sanctum Sanctorum. The Urchava Sakthi is in 
 the south eastern end of the sanctum sanctorum. 
 A great Shiva temple built entirely in Rajasthan marbles, a beautiful Vishnu temple and 
 Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple within the Shiva temple needs to be visited for devotion to 
 flare up in one's mind. 

 The Kondam festival, one of the most popular in Gobi taluk, takes place on the last Thursday of 
 Markazhi month of the Tamil calendar. The week long celebration starts with Sandanabishekam
 on festive Monday and 'Pachai' on the festive Wednesday. Kondam or 'fire walking' is celebrated
 with thousands of devotees walking on the holy fire. It denotes that people are devoted to the 
 almighty even during the times of walking on fire. 'Ther' or Chariot is run on Friday around the 
 prescribed path. 'Pushpa Pallaku' is on Saturday where Ambal leaves for her visit to Gobi, 
 Pudupalayam and Nanjampalayam. After a week in these places, Ambal returns to the temple
 with which the festival comes to an end. 

 Adi 18 festival, Adi 3rd Friday and Navarathri are celebrated with great pomp. Other Tamil festivals
 like Pongal and Chithirai Kani are also celebrated. 

 Poojai and Temple Timing
 There are 6 time poojai in a day at Pariyur. 
 Temple is open from 6AM to 1PM and 4PM to 8PM. 
 Pariyur is 3 Kms from Gobi town. There are plenty of buses plying towards Pariyur. Buses on 
 route towards Anthiyur, Athani and Kugalur touch Pariyur. 




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Artist's impression of 
Arulmigu Kondathu Kaliamman, 

Arulmigu Kondathu Kaliamman SANTHANA KAAPU

Urchavar Amman coming to Gobi in Muthu Pallakku

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