Vinayagar Chathurthi
Sep 17, Pachaimalai - There are 14 vinayagar statues or forms available in Pachaimalai. 
The sthala vinayagar is called 'Vidya Ganapathi'. Those who worship Vinayagar in 
Pachaimalai will excel in education and arts. The day started with a grand abhishekam at
10AM for the Paatha Vinayagar at the foothills of the temple.Lot of fruits and the usual
dhiraviyams were poured over the Lord as abhishekam. After the grand poojai, devotees
were served with fruits, sundal, pori, aval, kozhukattais, sarkarai pongal and other sweets.
The main donor prayed for presenting a silver crown to Maragatha venkatesa Perumal and
his consorts. After the poojai at foothills, the abhishekam and special poojai was done for
all Vinayagar forms in the temple. Devotees were served with Annadhanam in the afternoon
and night. The grand and main Abhishekam was again conducted in the evening and the 
Urchavar was taken around the temple. 

Saneeswarar and Guru Jayanthi
Sep 09, Pachaimalai - Saneeswarar and Guru jayanthi was celebrated in Pachaimalai with
special abhishekam, deeparathanai and annadhanam. Lot of devotees attended this 
function. Many devotees were seen praying for their marriage and well being. Many 
astrologers participated in the poojai. 

Aavani Chaturdasi Natarajar Abishekam
Aug 28, Pachaimalai - Arulmigu SivaChidambara Natarajar Abishekam is conducted six
times in a year. Avani Chaturdasi is one of those rare occasions. As a first time in 
Pachaimalai during a Natarajar abishekam, Sivanadiyaars conducted Sivapoojai starting at
6:30 in the morning. After breakfast, Natarajar Mahayaagam started. All the dhiraviyams
were poured into the yaagam in order. After the yaagam, the grand abishekam for Arulmigu
Nataraja Perumaan and Sivakami Amman started. Many items including fruits, honey, milk,
curd, tender coconut, turmeric, sandal, thiruneeru, flowers were all showered on the Lord. 
Later 108 sangaabishekam was conducted and holy waters from the kalasams were
poured. Devotees were playing the Kailaya Vadhyams throughout. Maha deeparathanai 
was conducted after the sodasa poojai. All were served with sumptuous meals after the
poojai. Sivaya Namah!

Aadi Velli (Friday) and Aadi Pooram
Aug 16, Pachaimalai - Aadi month is revered for its fantastic oppurtunities to pray God 
continuously. Every Aadi Friday is a great day for Amman worship throughout Tamilnadu.
Festivities last throughout the month. As a part of it, every Friday was celebrated in 
Pachaimalai with a special poojai for Arulmigu Maragathavalli amman. Special abhishekam
was performed in the evening around 4:00pm. The Goddess was decorated suitably and
beautifully. Special deeparathanai and annadhanam followed the abhishekam.
  Aadi Pooram was also celebrated in Pachaimalai with special abhishekam, poojai and 
annadhanam. The festival was followed on August 16th at 10:30am. Lot of devotees 
participated in the proceedings.  
Aadi Kiruthikai
Aug 08, Pachaimalai - Aadi Kiruthikai was celebrated in Pachaimalai with Sathru Samhara
Homam, 108 sangabishekam and grand annadhanam. Milk kudams were brought from 
Arulmigu Madeswaran temple by lot of devotees including the main sponsors of the festival. 
Homam began with 108 lotus flower given as aahuthi. Lot of dhiraviyams were added in the
homam. After the long abhishekam and pouring of holy waters to the Lord, annadhanam 
was served for all the devotees. Annadhanam was served all through the day. The highlight
of the day was the Kiruthikai Nadanam by Lord Dhandapani. This is not performed anywhere
in a Murugan temple in the world. Lord Dhandapani was taken around the temple with 
dancing of the Lord and his devotees. Later in the evening, Thirupadi (steps) poojai was 
conducted from the foot hills to the last step leading to Karuvarai. Thiruppugazh and 
thirumurai was sung for each set of steps. Golden peacock and golden chariot were drawn
by 4 set of devotees including the sponsors of Aadi kiruthikai. 

Guru Peyarchi
Jul 14, Pachaimalai - Guru peyarchi was celebrated with great devotion at Pachaimalai. 
This year Guru Bhagawan shifted from Katakam to Simmam. This great celestial program
was celebrated in Pachaimalai with Parihara homam and special poojai for Guru Bhagawan
viewing the North direction among Navagrahams. Guru's spiritual form Lord Dhakshina 
Moorthy was worshipped with 108 sangaabishekam, special alankaram and Maha
Deeparathanai. Devotees showered the Lord with yellow flowers, clothes and Kadalai (gram)
garlands. All devotees around 3000 to 3500 in numbers during the poojai were served with 
sumptuous meals. Special poojai for Lord Maragadeeswarar and Lord Balamurugan were 
also conducted. Guruve Saranam!

Kumbabishekam Aandu Vizhaa
Jun 24, Pachaimalai - During the Aani month Swathi nakshathiram of 2006, the 
Swarnabandana Maha Kumababishekam or Ponmozhukiya Thirukuda Muzhukku was 
conducted. The day began with Ganapathi poojai at 8:00am. A Homam with 108 kalasams
was performed at 9:00am. Grand Abishekam for Lord Balamurugan was conducted after 
the poornahuthi of the Homam. The holy water was poured over the Lord to enact the 
kumbabishekam. After Mahadeeparathanai, all devotees were served with sumptuous lunch.
Muruga Saranam.

Aani Thirumanjanam - Natarajar Abishekam
Jun 24, Pachaimalai - Aani Thirumanjanam is the day in which Arulmigu Siva Chidambara
Natarajar showed the great Ananda dance to the world. In Pachaimalai, the Natarjar Homam
began at 9:00 am.After the Homam, the grand Abishekam started and lot of dhiraviyams
were poured one after the other for the Lord in massive and countless quantities. After the 
dhiraviyams, 108 Sangabishekam was performed for the Lord. Holy water was poured in
various symbols of Shiva like bull horn, counch, holy vessels, etc. After the abishekam,
arulmigu Natarjar was decorated in royal costume. After mahadeeparathanai, the Lord
moved from the Vasantha Mandapam to his Kanakasabhai. This movement is enacted with
dance, music, devotion, joy and all types of dynamic forces. The Lord enacted that the
world is indeed dynamic and all objects are in constant motion. The devotees played 
Kailaya Vathiyams like conch, damaru, kombu, thalam, etc. All devotees had sumptuous
lunch after the abishekam. 

Vaikasi Visakam - Laksharchanai
Jun 01, Pachaimalai - Vaikasi Visakam was celebrated in Pachaimalai with Laksharchanai
as usual. The archanai started on 29th May and continued for 3 days. Lord Dhandapani
was kept in front of the Lord in Maha Mandapam and six Sivacharyars did the archanai to 
the Lord. Devotees had donated lot of Vilvam leaves for the Laksharchanai. 
 On Jun 1st, Vaikasi Visakam was celebrated with Sathru Samhara Homam and Thara
abishekam. Rudram was chanted 11 times and a vessel hanging above the Lord's head
poured milk continuously. This follows the series of Tharabishekam performed over this 
month on the occasion of Agni Nakshathiram or Kathri veyil. After the special Homam and 
abishekam, special poojai was conducted by noon. After Mahadeeparathanai, all devotees
were presented with full meals. Muruga Saranam! For your information, Visakam is the 
star when Lord Muruga appeared in his present form.  

Chithirai Thiruvonam Natarajar Abishekam
May 10, Pachaimalai - The first abishekam for Siva Chidambara Natajar of the year was 
conducted at Pachaimalai. Arulmigu Natarajar along with his consort Sivakami Amman
was readily available in the vasantha mandapam adorned beautifully for the great event. 
At 9:00am sharp, the Natarajar mahaHomam was started with the Sahasranama Archanai. 
Five Sivachariyars performed the Homam with the main donor commencing the homam by
doing the Punniyarchanai. Poornahuthi was conducted after recital of Rudram and after the
Ahuthi of all diravyams.
  Abishekam started with Thiruneeru being the first and ended with 108 Sangabishekam. 
Theertham from the pots of the Homam was poured at last amongst chanting of Om Nama
Sivaya. Many music instruments like conch, drums, symbals among others were sounded
during the poojai. After the abishekam, all devotees were served with meals. After the 
attittal, the maha deeparathanai was conducted for arulmigu Natarajar and Sivakami
Amman. The grand function was attended by around 500 devotees. Om Nama Sivaya!

Silver Kavacham for Nandi
May 10, Pachaimalai - As soon as the Natarajar Abishekam was completed on the 
Thiruvonam day, Nandi in front of Lord Maragadeeswarar was adorned with a silver 
kavacham which was donated by some devotees. The silver kavacham will be adorned to 
Nandi on every Pradosham. Special poojai was conducted for the silver kavacham and it
was adorned by the main donor along with the craftsman who created the kavacham. All
are welcome on Pradosham to witness the poojai for silver nandi. Om Nama Sivaya!

Agni Nakshathiram Thaarabishekam
May 04, Pachaimalai - Agni Nakshathiram has begun with April receiving good rains this 
Manmadha year. To get good rains further and to decrease the effect of summer on this 
planet, Thaarabishekam for the Lord wasperformed on the first day of Agni Nakshathiram.
Rudram was chanted 11 times with milk being poured over the Lord Pachaimalai 
Balamurugan and Lord Maragadeeswarar. After the abishekam, maha deeparathanai was
performed. Attittal followed the poojai. Muruga Saranam!

Tamil Puthandu - Sathru Samhara Thirisathai Archanai
Apr 14, Pachaimalai - As a new practice from this new year, Sathru Samhara Thirisathi
Archanai has been started. Every Tuesday, the Archanai would be done for the Lord.
Devotees thronged the hill temple from early morning. They brought lot of fruits on this 
occasion of Chithirai Kani. Temple was decorated in lot of flowers. The Archanai 
programme is as follows - 6:30am: Abishekam, 7:15am: Thirisathai Archanai, 8am:
Mahadeeparathanai, 8:30am: Annadhanam. We pray Lord Pachaimalai Balamurugan to 
bless everyone on this new year. 





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