Karthikai Deepam
Dec 12, Pachaimalai - The festival of lights, the deepam festival was celebrated in 
Pachaimalai. The Bharani deepam was lighted on the Bharani nakshithiram. The festivities
began early in Pachaimalai with Sathru Samhara archanai and homam. The conches were
spread in a six faced star pattern and the archanai was performed by six sivacharyars with
six type of flowers. As usual, the homam was performed and poornahuthi done. The 
theertham from the kumbam of the homam was used for abishekam to Lord Balamurugan.
Mahadeeparathanai was performed and the festivities continued till evening. After the 
deeparathanai, Lord Dhandapani danced Karthikai nadanam. The god was taken around the
temple by devotees. In the evening, deepam was lighted above the Garudasthambam
in front of the temple outside the rajagopuram. It was a great festival which opened the 
thought in people that God is present like a flame of the lamp. All were treated with tasty
prasadam after the festivities. Muruga Saranam!

Vinayagar Chathurthi
Sep 05, Pachaimalai - The festive season has started with the arrival of Vinayagar 
Chathurthi. The festival was celebrated in Pachaimalai with early abishekam and alankaram
of Paadha Vinayagar at the foothill. Ladies carried pots of water and performed abishekam
for the Lord. It was followed by official abishekam and deeparathanai for the Lord. All were
served with multiple items as prasadam. The festivities were carried over to the top where 
the 14 Vinayagar statues were performed with abishekam. Vidya Ganapathi was performed
with Shodasha alankara deeparathanai after a grand abishekam. Later in the evening, the
abishekam and deeparathanai was conducted again along with purappaadu of Lord 
Vinayagar around the temple. All devotees were served with food all through the day. 

Guru Peyarchi
Aug 11, Pachaimalai - Guru shifts from Simha raasi to Kanni raasi this year. This celestial
event was enacted in Pachaimalai with parihara homam, archanai and deeparathanai for
Lord Guru Dakshinamurthy. The day started with grand homam with holy water kalasam
and 108 conches with holy waters. After the homam, the shifting of Guru, the Jupiter was 
enacted with shifting the kalasam. Grand abhishekam was done for Guru Dakshinamurthy
and all the Navagraham situated with their consorts.  

Aadi Kiruthikai 
Jul 28, Pachaimalai - Aadi Kiruthikai is the number one festival of the fifth padaiveedu 
Thiruthani. The celebrations are as equal in Pachiamalai with abishekam, homam and 
mahadeeparathanai. The day began with the sangalpam for Sathru Samhara Thirisathi 
homam. After the thirisathi archanai, the grand Sathru Samhara Homam began. After the
aahuthi of 108 items and poornahuthi, 108 sangabishekam was done for the Lord.
 Meanwhile the 108 milk kudam was taken in procession from a/m Madheswaran temple
in Gobi town. Lots of devotees carried the milk pots from the temple. After the grand 
Abishekam, deeparathanai was performed and annadhanam was performed. Before this,
Lord Dhandapani was taken around the temple with the devotees dancing to the tunes of
Thirupugazh. Shanmugar Sahasranama Archanai and Golden chariot were drawn as usual
on all Kiruthikai days. Muruga Saranam!

10th year Kumbabishekam Anniversary
Jul 13, Pachaimalai - It is 10 years since the great Swarna Kumbabishekam was 
conducted in Pachaimalai. The anniversary was celebrated with 108 kalasabishekam. The
programme started with sankalpam done by the Executive Officer of the temple. The 
homam was conducted and later, the 108 kalasabishekam was done for the Lord and other
moorthys around the temple. Shodasha pooja followed and mahadeeparathanai was 
conducted during the noon time. All devotees were served with Prasadam. As the 
countdown to the Kumbabishekam already started with the starting of Natarajar temple, 
devotees reminded themselves of the bigger responsibilities of a great Kumbabishekam 
ahead. Muruga Saranam!

Aani Thirumanjanam - Natarajar Dharisanam
Jul 10, Pachaimalai - Out of the two Natarajar Dharisanam in a year, one is the Aani 
Thirumanjanam or the grand abhishekam of Natarajar.  - 

Vaikasi Visakam Laksharchanai
May 21, Pachaimalai - It was a great auspicious day at Pachaimalai as the Laksharchanai
came to a grand close with Sathru Samhara archanai and homam. This is the 56th year of
Laksharachanai and it is started by Thirupani Semmal PK Kuppusamy Gdr. Devotees 
brought lot of milk pots as abishekam offerings to the Lord. The 108 different ahuthis were
rendered into the homam and poojai was done to the Kumbams. After abishekam to the 
main Lord, the grand abishekam of the holy kumbams were done to the Lord. Shanmugar
Abishekam, Sahasranama archanai, Maha shodasha poojai were conducted. All devotees
were served with full meals as part of the festivities. As it is also pournami day, Sathya
Narayana poojai was conducted before Subramanya along with his consorts went down the
hill for Girivalam. After the evening abishekam as usual, golden peacock and golden 
chariot were dragged with Lord Dhandapani. All were served with prasadam after the 
Irakkala poojai. Muruga Saranam.

Agni Nakshathiram - Tharabishekam
May 07, Pachaimalai - When Agni Nakshathiram starts every year in the month of Chithirai
and Vaikasi, the temperatures raise to the highest. To cool down the gods and nature, 
Tharabishekam is done as per sponsors reservations in Pachaimalai. Tharabishekam can 
be performed any time during the year but if done during Agni Nakshathiram gives lot of 
solace and benefits for the world. It does not rain separately for one person in this world. It
rains for all people. This is one of the worships which benefits the entire world and is 
comparable to the worships and yagas which great saints were doing for the benefits of the 
world. Thus performing Tharabishekam during Agni Nakshathiram is a very good worship
that brings lot of 'punniyam' to one's soul. 

Tharabishekam is done by sponsors on the day they choose. Tharabishekam with 11 times
Rudra paarayaam is done for Maragadeeswarar and Balamurugan. The benefits cannot be 
explained in words. It has to be experienced. 

Chithirai Kani - Tamil New Year
Apr 14, Pachaimalai - Tamil New year was welcomed with devotees visiting Pachaimalai
from dawn. Scores of devotees continued to visit the temple throughout the day. The day
was marked with special abishekam, upachara alankara poojai and special annadhanam.
The temple authorities served special sweet along with the usual annadhanam in the lunch.
The day was completed with golden chariot and peacock in the night. The Thunmukhi year
has started with a good blessing from Lord Muruga. Om Saravana Bhava!

Panguni Uthiram Car Festival
Mar 23, Pachaimalai - The great Chariot festival of Panguni Uthiram was celebrated in a 
grand manner. The festival began with the hoisting of the 'Seval' flag in the kodimaram of 
Pachaimalai temple. Pachaimalai Subramanyar went around the hill temple and poojai was
conducted in all directions for the Lord in the four car streets. People welcomed the Lord
everyday with flowers and prasadam. Festivities reached the peak on Panguni Uthiram day.
Scores and scores of Murugan devotees carried Kavadi from villages and towns around
Pachaimalai. The Lord was done with abishekam till noon. The crowd was seen standing
in queue calmly all around the temple. Everyone patiently waited to watch the Lord on this 
great day. Earlier day, Subramanya kalyanam was enacted and Swami appeared on the
grand Chariot at the foothills. On the Uthiram day, Vinayagar and Subramanyar chariots
were dragged around the hills smoothly by thousands of people. Annadhanam was served
by Samayal Kalaignar Sangam and PP groups in their respective places. Thousands of 
devotees had food during the Annadhanam. Shanmugar appeared in Sivappu and Vellai
Saathi on the Subramanya Kalyanam day and Pachai Saathi on Panguni Uthiram day. 
Devotees offered green vasthrams, green garlands and Panneer abishekam. The festivities
close on 25th May after Shanmugar thiru veedhi ula to Gobi town and Manjal Neer around 

Maasi Maham
Jan 29, Pachaimalai - The next day of Sivarathri is celebrated as Maasi Maham. The 
festival was celebrated with great devotion in Pachaimalai marked with special abhishekam
and alankaram for the lord. As it is a Pournami day, the usual events like Sathya 
Narayana Poojai, Girivalam and Thangaratham were conducted. All devotees were served
with sumptuous prasadam. Muruga Saranam!

Raahu Kethu Peyarchi
Jan 29, Pachaimalai - Rahu and Kethu are the Asurans who joined the Devars and drank
the Amutham served by Mahavishnu. In astronomical terms, they are the eclipse of the 
moon and the sun. They claim the last two places of the Navagrahams in the temples. The
movement of the two grahams has significant effect on the people. This showed in the 
crowd that thronged the temple on the occasion of Rahu Kethu Peyarchi. Nearly 7000
devotees have bought the special parihara archanai ticket sold by the endowment 
department for this occasion. The day began with the parihara homam. Following the 
parihara homam was the great abishekam for Rahu and kethu along with other navagrahas.
Special alankaram was made and maha deeparathanai was conducted. Before the 
alankara deeparathanai, the parihara archanai was performed for all the devotees who had
bought the tickets. All were served with sumptuous meals after the poojai. Let Rahu and 
Kethu bring all good for the devotees of Pachaimalai Arulmigu Balamurugan. Muruga 
Thai Poosam
Jan 24, Pachaimalai - The great Kaumaram festival of Thaipusam was celebrated in 
Pachaimalai with usual devotion. This year was marked by the great devotion and crowd 
that thronged continuously to the temple from early morning to evening. Kavadi and
Paalkuda abishekam was conducted by PP groups, Magalir kuzhu, Pudupalayam
Sthanihar kuzhu and many other individual devotees. The offerings came in uncountable 
numbers. After Silver kavacham in the morning, Lord Balamurugan was adorned in Raja
Alankaram in the afternoon and later to Golden kavacham in the evening. Grand 
Annadhanam started at 10:30 in the morning and continued till evening. The devotees 
waited patiently to pray and also to participate in the annadhanam. There was a music
concert with bhajanai in the evening after which golden peacock and golden chariot were
drawn around the temple.  Lord Shanmugar was adorned specially. Lord Subramanyar
accepted offerings of individual devotees from the morning till evening. 
  On Jan 25th, Kalyana Urchavam was conducted for Lord Subramanyar and his consorts
Valli and Deivayanai. After the celestial marriage, all were served with sumptuous meals.
Devotees were seen praying for the smooth marriage process of their children by submitting
the horoscope of their waiting to-be-married brides and grooms. All were served with yellow
thread that symbolises great married life. Later in the day, Lord Subramanyar along with
his consorts went around the Gobi town to present himself in front of so many devotees 
who did not attend the function in the temple. Muruga Saranam!

Thai Kiruthikai
Jan 19, Pachaimalai - Sathru samhara homam and 108 sangabishekam was conducted for
the Thai Kiruthikai function at Pachaimalai. The homam started early in the morning with
6 sivacharyars performing the Thirisathai archanai. The homam was done in front of the 
Kumbams with holy waters. After the poornahuthi and maha deeparathanai, grand
abishekam was conducted for Lord Balamurugan. After the upachara poojai, all were 
treated with sumptuous meals. Kiruthikai nadanam by Lord Dhandapani was the highlight 
of the function. Muruga Saranam!

Sathru Samhara Homam
Jan 04, Pachaimalai - Sathru Samhara Homam was conducted in Pachaimalai on Monday
for an individual requester sponsor. The Homam was conducted after Sathru Samhara
archanai. Six Sivachaariyars conducted the archanai and later Homam was conducted.
Special abishekam and poojai was conducted later. All the devotees were served with 
annadhanam as usual. 

Aarudra Dharisanam - Markazhi Thiruvathirai
Dec 26, Pachaimalai - Thiruvathirai that comes on a full moon day of Maarkazhi is called
Aarudra Dharisanam as one of the six abishekam of the year for Lord Sivachidambara
Natarajar. It is also celebrated as the 'ladies' festival when the ladies do the Sumangali
poojai. The festivities started as early as 4AM when the Natarjar Homam started. The 
108 conches or sangu were decorated along with the Kumbam with holy water. By the time
the homam was conducted, the Maarkazhi poojai for Lord Balamurugan was completed 
around 6AM ready for the poornahuthi. After the Homam poojai, Natarajar and Sivakami 
Amman were brought from Kanakasabhai to Vasantha Mandapam for the grand abishekam.
All the dhiraviyams were poured one after the other in huge quantities over the Lord and 
Goddess. After the dhiraviyams, the 108 conches and the Kumbams were brought in 
procession for abishekam. All devotees were treated with sumptous breakfast as decoration
went on for the Lord and Goddess. Once the divine decorations were done, special 
upachara poojai and maha deeparathanai were conducted. 
 After the poojai, Lord Sivachidambara Natarajar and Goddess Sivakami Ambal were taken
in the celestial dance called the Aarudra Dharisanam in the Vasantha mandapam and 
around the temple. Legends have it that the dharisham was first provided to sages 
Pathanjali and Vyakrapadha. The great dance and dharisanam was witnessed by around 
500 devotees in the temple. Om Namah Sivaya!

Vaikunda Ekadasi
Dec 21, Pachaimalai - Ekadasi Viratham is one of the best followed virathams in Tamilnadu.
Thirumangai Azhvaar was very instrumental in requesting the Lord at Srirangam to open his
Vaikunda vasal for all those to attain mukthi on this day of Vaikunda Ekadasi. Perumal was
kind enough to agree the touring Azhvaar who has sung on many Perumal temples or
'Vinnagarams' in Tamilnadu and away. Vaikunda Ekadasi was celebrated in Pachaimalai
with the festivities starting as early as 4AM with the Thirumanjanam of Maragatha 
Venkatesa Perumal and Urchavar Pachaivanna Perumal. After the Markazhi poojai, the 
special alankara deeparathanai for Perumal started. Later after the mahadeeparathanai, 
Arulmigu Pachaivanna Perumal emerged out of the Paramapadha vasal or Vaikunda vasal
setup towards the North end of the temple. Meanwhile, arulmigu Balamurugan was 
decorated like Venkatesa Perumal on this day. All devotees were given prasadam after the 
poojai. It should be noted that Pachaivanna Perumal was decorated as 'Mohini' the previous
day (20th Dec) and special poojai and koilvalam was conducted. Om Namo Narayanaya! 

Markazhi Begins
Dec 17, Pachaimalai - The spiritual month of Markazhi began as per the Tamil Calendar. 
Pachaimalai poojai timings change and the Vishwaroopa Dharisanam will start at 3AM for
the next one month and on the Thai Pongal day. There will be abhishekam every morning at
4AM and the famous Markazhi alankara poojai will start at 5AM and continue till 6AM. 
Hymns from the Vedas and Dravida Vedam like Thirupalliezhuchi, thiruvempavai, thirupavai,
Panchapuranam, thiruppugazh, kandar alankaram, anupoothi and other murugan hymns
along with Abirami anthaathi will be song in the poojai. After the mahadeeparathanai, 
devotees are served with prasadam.

Dec 03, Pachaimalai - Bhairavashtami or Rudhrashtami was celebrated day long in 
Pachaimalai. After the usual milk abhishekam for Bhairavar by devotees, the festivities for 
Bhairavashtami started. Special Alankaram was made for Bhairavar. Around 3:30PM, the 
Bhairavar Homam started. The 3 hour long homam was conducted by the temple 
Sivachariyars. Following the Bhairavar Homam, the much awaited Bhairavar Abhishekam 
began. Devotees having lot of problems in their life and praying for the wellness of the world
brought lot of dhiraviyams for abhishekam. The 2 hour long abhishekam was completed 
with the 108 Sangaabishekam. After the parihara homam, maha deeparathanai was
conducted along with the Rakkala Poojai of Lord Pachaimalai Balamurugan. Every devotee
was serviced with sumptuous dinner after the poojai. 
Karthikai Deepam / Kiruthikai Nadanam
Nov 25, Pachaimalai - Karthikai Deepam is one of the earliest Tamil festival and it has been
celebrated in Tamilnadu as early as 500BC. The festival is celebrated with great devotion in
Pachaimalai. The day started with Sathru Samhara Homam with Lord Subramanyar 
blessing people from the yagasalai. After the yagasalai, the abhishekam from the 108 
conches were performed on the Lord. The Mahadeeparathanai and Annadhanam followed. 
The annadhanam was sponsored by a group of caterars operating from Pachaimalai. 
  After the usual functions like Sathya Narayana poojai, Subramanyar along with his
consorts went around the foothill for the most important part of the Kirthukai Pournami. In
the evening at 6:00PM, it is ready for the lighting of the lamp. Lord Dhandapani mounted on
his golden peacock is taken out for lighting the lamps outside. As it is unique in Kongu 
area temples, the Dwathasthampam or Karudakambam is lighting with the Kiruthikai lamp. 
Earlier lot of devotees brought the lamp from inside the sanctum sactorium from the lamp
nearest to the Lord. All were treated with delicious meals after the golden chariot drawing.
Siva Subramanya Saranam!

Skanda Sashti Soorasamharam
Nov 18, Pachaimalai - Skanda Sashti for the year began on the 2 day after Deepavali on 
12th Nov. The festivities began with Ganapathi poojai. Subramanyar and Veerabahu came
to the Yagasalai after a mini procession around the temple. Homam was performed 
continuously afterwards for every 2 times in the day. As it was a Thursday, Guru poojai
was also performed on Guru Horai. Every day beginning this day, Shanmugar Abishekam
and sahasranama archanai was performed. Many devotees tied the rakshabandanam or 
kaappu to signify the start of their fasting for 7 days. 
  On 17th Nov, Subramanyar got ready for the war against the evil Soorapadman.First it was
time to take the Sakthivel from Maragathavalli Amman. After taking the spear, Subramanyar
went into fight with the Avunars in the following areas - Gajamuhasooran in Vengaiammal
school, Bhanugopan in Modachur, Singamugan in Mettuvalavu and Soorapadman in 
Pudupalayam. Lot of devotees performed Panneer Abishekam for Lord Subramanyar and 
adorned him betel leaf garlands which signifies victory. Later Subramanyar mounted on 
peacock mount and returned to Pachaimalai.
 On 18th Nov, Subramanya kalyanotsavam was performed. The Lord married Deivanai and 
Vallinayaki in a ceremony crowded by devotees. There was so much crowd that the 
Vasantha mandapam in Pachaimalai was not enough. After the marriage ceremony, food
was served for all the devotees. The fasting devotees accompanied the Lord around the 
hill on a Girivalam. On return, the kaappu for fasting was removed from all the murthy in the
temple. All devotees finished their fasting and were served 'thayir thandu' (banana stem in
curd) to signify the completion of the fasting. All were served with delicious food later. 
Muruga Saranam!

Aiyppasi Annabishekam 
Oct 27, Pachaimalai - Annabishekam on the month of Aiyppasi is conducted on the 
occasion of full moon day. There is a packed schedule in Pachaimalai on full moon days.
Also it fell on a Tuesday. The programme list contained a full day programme as below.
5:00AM - Vishwaroopa Dharisanam
5:30AM - Skanda Sashti Kavacham rendering for 36 times in front of Arulmigu Shanmugar.
6:30AM - Abishekam for Lord Balamurugan
7:30AM - Thirisathai Archanai
8:30AM - Mahadeeparathanai for Lord Balamurugan and Lord Shanmugar
2:00AM - Grand Abishekam / Annabishekam for Lord Maragadeeswarar
4:00PM - Pournami Sathya Narayana Poojai
6:15PM - Arulmigu Subramanyar Valli Deivanai Pournami Girivalam
7:00PM - Abishekam for Arulmigu Balamurugan
7:15PM - Golden Peacock, Golden Chariot for Arulmigu Dhandapani
8:00PM - Mahadeeparathanai
Lot of devotees attended the function all through the day. Annadhanam was given from 
afternoon to evening. 
Om Nama Shivaya, Om Muruga saranam!

Silver Kreedam for Perumal
Oct 17, Pachaimalai - Maragatha Venkatesa Perumal in Pachaimalai was adorned with
Silver Kreedam presented by a well known sponsor Mr.Dhandapani of Pudupalayam. The
Kreedams for Perumal, Sridevi and Boodevi were made of 1 Kg silver. On that day, special
Thirumanjanam was done along with Mahadeeparathanai. Special Annadhanam was 
served for those attending the short function in the temple. Now Perumal will be adorned
with the Kreedam on special occasions like ekadasi and other vaishnavite festivals.Om 
Namo Narayana!

Malar Vazhipaadu (Pushpanjali)
Oct 1, Pachaimalai - Pushpanjali or showering flower over the Lord Balamurugan was 
conducted in Pachaimalai. This programme was organised by a sponsor. Chevvarali, 
Rose, Lotus petals, Jasmine, Vilvam leaves, Maruhu, Chevvanthi are the flowers which were
showered on the Lord. Pushpanjali followed grand abishekam and later Mahadeeparathanai
was conducted. Lot of devotees attended the function and chanted Thirupugazh. All were
served with Annadhanam. Muruga Saranam!

Purattasi Chathurdasi Natarajar Abishekam
Sep 29, Pachaimalai - Natarajar Abishekam was conducted with the same enthusiasm
and devotion associated with Pachaimalai. This occasion is the Chathurdasi of the Tamil
month of Purattasi. Arulmigu Siva Chidambara Natarajar and Sivakami Amman were 
decorated and kept in Vasantha Mandapam when the Grand Natarajar Homam was 
conducted in the yaagasaalai. After the aahuthi of the dhiraviyams, the great Natarajar 
abishekam started. The abishekam items were poured one after another amid chanting of
Thirumurais and the sound of Kailaya Vaathyams. After the abishekam, the kalasams of 
the Homam was brought and the holy waters poured over the Lord. This is the main 
highlight of the Natarajar Abishekam were dharisanam is not a part of the abhishekam. 
After the abhishekam, the Lord and his consort were adored with jewels and best selected
flower garlands.After the Mahadeeparathanai, annadhanam was served for all devotees.  

Purattasi Saturday - Perumal Purappadu
Sep 19, Pachaimalai - The month of Purattasi is a very holy month in the Tamil calendar. 
Worshipping Vishnu, Narayaan, Perumal in the form of Maragatha Venkatesa Perumal in
Pachaimalai gives all goodness, wealth and health for all his devotees. As program during
Purattasi, every Saturday evening 4PM is Thirumanjanam for Perumal. It will be followed by
Mahadeeparathanai and finally the Perumal purappadu around the temple. Perumal 
goes around the temple amid chanting of Pasurams including Thirupallandu, Periyazhwar
thirumozhi, Thiruvarutpa, etc. As usual Annadhanams rounds up the programs. Govinda, 





Arulmigu Dhandapani in his 
golden attire

'Is this not what we call beauty?'

 Sathru Samhara Homam
 This Homam is performed to the Lord to remove 
 the effects of activities which our enemies might
 perform against us. Black Magic, Dhristi, etc are 
 some of the evil practises that the bad community
 resorts to. Tension due to Court cases and effects 
 of our ill practises  (Paavam)  also gets removed. 


 Lacharchanai performed at our temple for 
 Vaikasi Visakam 


Sandhanabishekam (Sandal) begin done for Guru on Peyarchi Day


Dhandapani in Thanga Ratham 


Subramanyar on Thai Poosam Nagarvalam 

Shanmugar on Thai Poosam
Panguni Uthiram Ther (Chariot) Festival

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